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scottwoods's Journal

Scott Woods
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  • scottwoods@livejournal.com
Nationally-recognized poet. Writer, DJ (Scott's Groove Locker) and critic. Author of over 10 books of poetry and prose. Featured on NPR as well as Paste, Rattle and Columbus Monthly.
Co-founder of the Writers' Block Poetry Night and the world's only regular new-poem-only open mic show, First Draft Open Mic.
President of some national arts organization called Poetry Slam, Inc.

Secretly a musician (breath, Ispee Luscious, Tiki Cocoa, among others) for Black Air Press Music.
acid music, ambient, arkham horror, avoiding the witch house, barbecue, bbq, bentley little, bernie's distillery, black air press music, board games, brazilectro, breath, call of cthuhlu, charles bukowski, chef paul prudhomme, clue tokens, columbus, columbus ohio, comic books, comics, composition, cringe.com, cthulhu, curse of dark pharoah, dancehall, dap dunlap, dave mckean, david sedaris, didier lourenco, diva baby, dj, djing, donielle monique, downtempo, drum-n-bass, dub, dungeons & dragons, editing, elder signs, electronic music, empire earth, film-making, foreign exchange, frank mccomb, frank zappa, grand theft auto, gumbo, h.p. lovecraft, harlan ellison, herbie hancock, ispee luscious, jambalaya, james lee burke, jazz, jill scott, juke joints, julie dexter, kafe kerouac, kevin young, keyboards, killing monsters in dunwich, kim addonizio, korg, laurence fishburne, lenny kravitz, libraries, little brothers, lonnie liston smith, mame, michel delacroix, music, musicians, naked music, neil gaiman, new poem night, nina simone, novels, ohio, open mic, open mics, percival everett, performance, performance art, pet ufo, pharoah sanders, poems, poetry, poetry slam, poetry slam inc., prince, psp, publishing, reading, reggae, reminiscing, rolling 6s with shotguns, sampling, scott woods, scott's groove locker, scrabble, short stories, silver twilight lodge, slam, slam poems, slam poetry, slow jams, southern cooking, stephen king, stubbs, surly girl, synthesizers, the roots, tiger woods, tiki cocoa, vertigo, w d snodgrass, writers block poetry night, writing