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10 Other Instances of Prince's Funny Side

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A recent Prince single - "Breakfast Can Wait" - is getting renewed attention because it’s been released on YouTube out of Prince's camp with an image on its “cover” of Dave Chappelle dressed as Prince from Chappelle's classic basketball sketch. The attention is mostly excited with strains of surprise about Prince’s apparent sense of humor. However, any long-term and observant fan of Prince will tell you he’s always been a funny dude. Here are ten more examples of His Royal Badness’ playful side:

1. “That ain’t Lake Minnetonka.”
If I have to explain this, you are no fan.

2. The song “Moviestar”
The early music of The Time, mostly written by Prince, featured vocals largely pre-recorded by Prince, which Morris Day would then redo based on Prince’s cues. This song never made it onto The Time’s roster, but we’ll always have Prince’s version, which is pretty much hilarious from beginning to end.

3. The dog chewing up bags of submitted demo tapes on the old New Power Generation website.

4. The song “Bob George”
Sure, it’s a little rough around the edges in terms of its sensibilities, but how funny do you have to be to be able to say about yourself the following lyric:
“What's he do for a living? Manage rock stars?
Who? Prince? Ain't that a bitch?
That skinny motherfucker with the high voice?”

5. The completely unnecessary cough at the beginning of the extended version of “Raspberry Beret”.

6. Prince’s face
Prince doesn’t do anything candid; every grimace, stare and lip twist is intentional…and on occasion, he makes some of the funniest mugs of any celebrity out there. The instances in which he shoots a random pang of mock disgust or surprise is made all the funnier by the fact that he very rarely does more than hit you with a Come Hither face. He’s probably one of only a handful of people anywhere who practices staring. See the video for “Kiss” and just about all of Under the Cherry Moon.

7. The song “Housequake”
A complete James Brown riff gone off the rails, and one of only two times the Daffy Duck voice filter was acceptable.

8. “Wrecka Stowe”
The Prince-directed Under the Cherry Moon is pretty much Prince on comic blast for an hour and a half, but the “Wrecka Stowe” scene is arguably one of the funniest exchanges on film since 1986.

9. Kicking Kim Kardashian off stage for not dancing.

10. Prince’s 1997 appearance on Muppets Tonight.
I mean, in what world, right? While much of the show is typical guest star stuff, there is one sketch I particular that really makes you laugh out loud: the Muppet Hoo Haw sketch, which is probably the only documented time Prince has ever worn overalls. While a clip of this sketch has since been taken down, you can catch the beginning of it below.



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